Topic outline

  • General

  • Visitor Area

    The Visitor Area allows the most important documents to be read without the login, but for security reasons it does not allow interactive activities. If you wish to have a more direct participation, such as writing and / or responding to the Forums, follow the Course with the development of Competencies and self-evaluation of your performance, then you will need to create an account and register with password to access all activities.

  • Registered Users Area

    In addition to having access to read all activities, registered users can interact in the course through the Forums, posting new topics or responding to those that already exist.

    The course has an assessment system of acquired competencies, but, attention, in no case this means that the user is being tried. Competencies seek to function as a self-evaluation system where the user himself has a parameter to verify his progress in the subject.

    Therefore the competence system is orientative and subject to modification through discussion in the Course Forum.